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Have you been mis-led?

Many individuals in the UK are misled and sold when it comes to claiming for business energy. This is due to the fact that the energy market may be complex and convoluted, with several hidden fees, levies, and technical jargon that the common company owner may not completely comprehend.
Furthermore, many firms are unaware of their rights to claim for business energy. People may be unaware that they have a right to reimbursement if they have been overcharged, or that they can change providers if they are dissatisfied with the service offered.
Millions of UK companies utilise an energy broker on a monthly basis to source their company energy needs, serving as a middleman between you and the provider.

How can energy brokers mislead customers?

Did your energy broker disclose the exact amount they earned from negotiating your business contract? Most, in our experience, do not, and there is usually a good explanation for this. Brokers understand that if they had to completely disclose, they would not be able to earn the type of commissions they do now. After all, would you sign up for a deal if you knew a major portion of your bill was going to your broker?

They may have even informed you that the service was free, or that the broker received a commission from the provider as a “introducers fee,” or anything along those lines. Most brokers often earn their fee straight from the supplier with whom they put you, and it is included into the unit price they arrange for you. This is frequently not revealed to the buyer.

What does mis-selling of company energy look like?

Many people are unable to comprehend how or where they might have been missold because they firmly think they have the best deal for their business. This is due to the cunning brokers’ concealment of the misselling within the actual monthly energy account as opposed to a discrete, one-time commission fee.

An energy contract might be structured, for instance, as follows:

Prices for Energy

12p per KwH

Brokerage Fees

2p per KwH

Cost of Energy

14p per KwH

Power Provider pays

2p per KwH to Broker

In the instance below, a broker will have informed a business that 14p per kWh is a fantastic bargain. The energy supplier is actually only charging 12p per kWh, and the corporation is blind to the fact that the broker receives 2p per kWh each month. To put this in perspective, the broker will have requested £5,800 in fee based on a one-year contract and an annual consumption of 290,000 units.

Calculate your Energy Commission Claim

Our claim was promptly recognised by Business Energy Claims. We are overjoyed to have recouped £18,500 thanks to the team's assistance and direction.
Lisa Rocco
HR Consultant at Airfinity

Business Energy Claims is made up of legal and energy specialists with over 150 years of combined expertise, allowing us to rapidly determine if you have been mis-sold and recover that money on your behalf.

The procedure is simple and uncomplicated. To get started and submit your claim, we only require a few pieces of information:

  • The broker’s name that you used
  • Invoices or copies of supply contracts, if either is available.

We will communicate with the broker and the supplier on your behalf to determine the worth of your claims after we have received your information. We promise to keep you informed of the claim’s status at all times and to respond to any queries you may have.

Initially, I was shocked and angry that such a large sum of money had been stolen dishonestly, but now that I've seen the amount recovered by Business Energy Claims, I'm very pleased with it and plan to use it to improve our company.
Ethan S.
Manager at IT Enterprise

Frequently asked questions

This is frequently the case, but it does not decide whether you have a claim. In many cases, a broker may be able to save you money because of the exorbitant deal you were on previously, but there may still be a significant amount of hidden commission resulting in a claim.

Often, brokers would urge consumers to sign a longer-term contract rather than a short-term contract, claiming that the market will rise during this period. Brokers, on the other hand, are driven to sell longer-term contracts since the fee is increased by the length of the contract, which normally represents a bigger claim amount.

Regrettably, energy brokers are not regulated, and OFGEM has no authority to deal with them (at the moment). We are urging OFGEM, Citizens Advice, and others to impose a code of practise and regulate the industry, but in the absence of legislation, we are seeking financial recompense for firms that have been misled.

That might be the case, yet most clients believe that brokers make a pittance that has little impact on their energy bills. Nonetheless, our average claim is more than £25,000, and this may go much higher. Clients are frequently surprised to learn the real size of the concealed commission amounts, based on our experience.

Even the most sophisticated finance directors and teams can be mis-sold because of the misrepresentations that can be made and the ways in which brokers can mislead.

We fully concur. Finally, energy brokers are companies that must be compensated. But, brokers are often compensated by adding a margin to your rates, which may consume a large percentage of your energy expenditure, and according to their obligations to you, they must completely and honestly explain this to you, as well as the amount of their commission.

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