Frequently asked questions

In this section, we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from our team.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely nothing. Your initial enquiry is totally free, and we include a free consultation to go through the potential claim. After this, if we believe you have a valid claim, we take your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. If your claim is unsuccessful, you will have nothing to pay to us. Our team will be able to explain this in more detail when you contact us.

Our team believe that if you got your business energy contract through a broker and paid them nothing for their service, it is very likely that you have been mis-sold. Obviously, each case will differ, and we cannot say for certain, but the mis-selling scandal is rife throughout the business energy market. Our team will be able to tell you relatively quickly if you are eligible to claim.

A TPI is a third-party intermediary, or a broker, who acts as an Agent in the selling of business energy contracts between customer and energy supplier.

You are definitely permitted to ask your broker about any potential hidden commission. If you do so, we recommend you request information about commission in writing for use as evidence further down the line. If your broker refuses to give you any information on commission, you may want to ask yourself why this is.

Again, please feel free to contact your energy supplier about any potential mis-selling and hidden commission. However, more often than not, suppliers will simply tell you any information relating to the broker is commercially sensitive. Please do keep all correspondence too.

We act on a no win no fee basis. This means that if we are unsuccessful we do not get paid anything and there is no charge to yourself. If successful our costs are deducted from any sums that we recover from the other side.

Due to the nature of the hidden commission and concealment there is an extended limitation period for bringing a claim. Having said this, we would encourage any business owner to get in touch as soon as they are made aware of a potential business energy mis-selling.

A very small percentage of claims go to court when a settlement can’t be agreed outside of court. If this happens, our team will be right by your side, guiding you through the process and your options available to you.

After you get in touch, our team will give you and your business a free initial consultation. If we believe you are eligible to claim, we will explain our process and the No Win, No Fee agreement. We will then start to build your case, with evidence from past bills and contracts. We will then formally request compensation, agree an amount, and if all things go to plan, get a positive outcome for you and your business.
Every business energy claim is different because of the varying sizes of the companies and contracts. The amount you can claim will depend on how much your current contract is per month, how much commission the broker has taken, and how long you have been in the contract. Companies in the UK are claiming anything from £2,000 to £150,000 in mis-sold business energy compensation.

Again, this is very much depending on the size of your company and the complexity of the case. It also depends whether the broker admits any wrongdoing or whether they are willing to fight the claim. Our team will keep you updated throughout your case to ensure you understand all of the timelines.